summer symposium TEXTILE KULTUR HASLACH 2023

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The upcoming summer symposium TEXTILE KULTUR HASLACH will take place between July 17th and August 4th, 2023. In an exhibition we will show the collection of Marianne Flügel, a textile didactic who traveled all her life, collected and analysed various baskets, bags, ribbons and everyday textile objects from different cultures. This wonderful little teaching collection of primary textile techniques documents a "textile view" of the world and pays tribute to the many, mostly unnoticed little things that are often made ingeniously and can "inspire" one's own work in a variety of ways. Several evening events and another exhibition of contemporary work by Belgian weaver Esther Van Schuylenbergh will also explore the theme.

Several courses will relate to the exhibitions and teach special techniques that are rarely taught anymore. We are pleased that we could win exciting course leaders who pass on their specialist knowledge to interested parties.

Of course, the international Weaver´s Market should not be missing this year either - it is scheduled for the weekend of 29./30. July 2023 planned. At the same time, the “Faserzone”, a material and yarn fair, will take place again.

We cordially invite you to be part of it and wish you inspiring days in Haslach!