Textile Kultur Haslach 2019: Garden of Eden

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The Summer Symposium TEXTILE KULTUR HASLACH 2019 takes place between 15th and 31st July. We would like to introduce you to our programme, which will be particularly extensive this year, because after the two course weeks, the conference of the European Textile Network (ETN) will take place in Haslach. The aim of this international association is to promote the subject-specific exchange between nations and to strengthen the European sense of community through textile art and culture. We look forward to international instructors, exciting lectures, interesting exhibitions and colourful participants!

The motto of the summer symposium and the conference is „Garden of Eden“. Several courses and exhibitions refer to this theme and span a wide range of cultural historic topics to societal issues. By visiting the exhibitions, which are organized in several places, the whole region should be experienced as a big „Garden of Eden“!

We cordially invite you to join us and wish you inspiring days, beautiful encounters and a good time in Haslach!

Here are the dates at a glance:
First Workshop Week: 15th - 19th July: 5-day workshops in German
Second Workshop Week: 22nd -26th July: 5, 3- and 2-day workshops in English and German
Weavers´ Market anf "Faserzone": 26th/27th - 28th July
ETN-Conference in Haslach: 28th - 31st July (www.gardenofeden2019.org)
Opening Ceremony of the ETN conference: 27th July, 8pm