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The activities of TEXTILE KULTUR HASLACH are funded partly by support from the public hand and sponsorships and partly by the association’s own earnings. The major share of the accruing work, however, is done by a group of volunteers without whom the symposium would not be possible.

TEXTILE KULTUR HASLACH is therefore always on the look-out for people who would be interested and willing to support our objectives or want to help the association in one way or another. Please contact us if you want to help in the team. We gladly accept a financial contribution, too.

Become a member of TEXTILE KULTUR HASLACH and contribute to the support of textile art, the spirit of experimentation and the versatility of craft!

Membership fees:
Supporting member: annual fee 30 € / 15 € for students
Patron : annual fee 100 €

If in future you would like to be informed about events of TEXTILE KULTUR HASLACH or other activities in the Textile Centre Haslach, send us your particulars and areas of interest via the following link. Thank you!