Summer Symposium 2107 > Exhibitions

There will be two exhibitions regarding the theme >Cultivated Plants< this summer: 

ABOUT THE BLUE FLOWER - an artistic search for traces of the linen plant by Veronika Moos, Germany

“… Oh see, how all heaven chimes on the tips of these greenly upright filaments”, Adalbert Stifter, 1842

The German textile Artist Veronika Moos will immerse us in her artistic search for traces of the linen plant in her exhibition ABOUT THE BLUE FLOWER in the church spire of Haslach.
Fascinated by the beauty and the multi-layered facets of the linen plant she put out a call under the title 7 PIECES OF SOIL in 2015, looking for persons in various locations of Europe who would make available a corner of their garden or an area of soil between March and July for sowing and growing the linen plant. They were furnished with seeds and precise instructions for sowing, tending and harvesting. From all the crops put together she made up an “organic archive” and finally an art project into which were woven all the fibres of all the places.
Aspects of history, research, society and art flow together in this project and connect with the local linen history in the presentation at Haslach.

“The colours of the blossom faded long ago, for I have gone through life carelessly looking into the endless rain.” (Japanese Tanka poem)

BLEACHING TIME – action and opening of an exhibition by Joachim Eckl, Austria

In his second BLEACHING TIME exhibition Joachim Eckl takes up an element of traditional textile finishing deriving from the processes of nature. There will be a joint action in the public space in the weeks prior to the opening of the special exhibition at the Textile Centre of Haslach.
For centuries grass bleaching was practised at Haslach. The project “Bleaching Time” will revive the memory of this age-old cultural technique. A central issue will be the social dimension: the personal contribution, the jointly tending and the organising of textile objects from everyday life.
In a joint action people from Haslach and around it will place garments on natural-coloured strips of linen on the former local bleaching meadow. This might be any favourite textile garment which they themselves or somebody else has worn.
For 21 days these garments will be exposed to the sun, and at least once a day wetted with water from the Große Mühl River in a teamwork. This will result in a “textile photograph” – a jointly produced time exposure with many perspectives.
In order to realise the social picture and to ”water” and “expose” those textiles, people will be needed who take up the idea and participate.
The results of the action will be presented in the special exhibitions room of the Textile Centre Haslach.